Better Communication

Improve your conferencing capabilities and more with our IP phone technology and support.

private branch exchange internet protocol & cloud computing

Make the most of your business technology with proper voice and data cabling from the team at Telephone Installation Services Ltd. Avoid the hassle of lost connections, slow network speeds, and problematic upgrading by calling in our structured cabling professionals in Edmonton. Avoid the interference, eyesore and potential hazards associated with messy, kinked cables. Our staff will ensure your PCs, telephones, printers, and fax machines are running at maximum efficiency for optimized performance. We make sure your wiring is correctly installed, labelled, and tested to be in full compliance with all industry standards.


When it comes to voice and data cabling, Telephone Installation Services Ltd is your one-stop service provider.

- We can retrofit or upgrade any existing system
- Our cabling permits greater flexibility for future enhancements
- We offer extended warranty and maintenance packages on our work
- We adhere to all regulations and best practices concerning commercial cable placement
- Our team offers comprehensive infrastructure assessments, testing, and troubleshooting


- Category 5/6/6e copper cable
- Fibre backbone cable
- Fibre to desktop - Data cabinet set up
- End-to-end solutions

Your company’s future success depends on the decisions you make today. Ensure you have the right systems in place. Speak with one of our telecommunications specialists for more information!