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looking to improve your office phones? Edmonton's telephone installation services can help

Telephones are the lifeline of any business. Whether you’re responding to customer inquiries or generating leads and sales, smart companies everywhere require dependable, trouble-free service. Is your current system up to the task? Discover the latest innovations and stay connected to your customer base with products and support from Telephone Installation Services Ltd. If you’re experiencing issues with your existing office phones, our technicians in Edmonton can repair, replace, or modify most models you have. Don’t settle for annoying static disruptions or dead landlines on your premises. Whether you’re planning a move to another location or you’re locked out of your voicemail, our team is dedicated to providing our customers with swift, cost-effective resolutions.

Our Services

Don’t jeopardize your productivity with a malfunctioning phone. Contact us today. We offer the following:

Competitive rates
In-person service calls
Over-the-phone troubleshooting and online response to eform requests
Replacement phones, temporary solutions
Legacy system support
Emergency repairs
Key system unit (KSU) assessments

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